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Pelée Mountain and Eruption of 1902
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 Martinique : Saint-Pierre
History Pelée Mountain and Eruption of 1902 Heritage Photos
Wipped off the map by the volcanic eruption most fatal to date, Saint-Pierre never recovered his last power. Gradually rebuilt and cleared its ashes, the old economic capital of the French West Indies is today, a modest commune of less than 5000 inhabitants. The life runs out there peacefully, in the medium of pilot vestiges at the same time, of the richness disappeared from "Small Paris of the Antilles", and the violence of the catastrophe.


Saint-Pierre's History It is in Saint-Pierre that the first colonists are established in 1635. The city will be used as starting point with the conquest of the island. Quickly, it extends. The trade of the cane sugar is flourishing, that of african slaves too. Its free port attracts ships and rich traders of all the nations. The stopover is known of all the Caribbean one for its merry animation.

Volcanic eruption of 1902

Volcanic eruption of 1902 Nothing in the past of Mount-Pelé let predict such a dramatic eruption. Few volcanic phenomena observed before, did not convince the inhabitants of the importance of the danger. However, May 8, 1902, the crater explodes. In a few seconds, a volcanic cloud shaves any trace of life on 60km2. 30000 people perish.


Saint-Pierre Martinique's Heritage Today, Saint-Pierre offers to the visitors walks full with charm and emotion. The ruins of the districts of the center and the fort with the frontages still upright of the commercial firms, the staircase of the theatre, the church, the colonial house and the street Monte-au-Ciel are worth a visit.

Saint-Pierre before the eruption.
Saint-Pierre before the eruption.Discover Saint-Pierre before May 8, 1902, through a series of old postcards, and engravings.

Saint-Pierre after the eruption.
Saint-Pierre after the eruptionDiscover Saint-Pierre after May 8, 1902, through a series of old postcards, and engravings.


Letters sent to their close relations by pierrotins at the beginning of May 1902.

 Official statement of the Scientific Commission showing the absence from danger. (May 7, 1902)

Testimony of Mr. Ellery Scott, officer of Roraïma, ship lying at anchor in front of Saint-Pierre at the time of the eruption.

 Testimony of Mr.Lubin passenger on the Ruby, whereas the ship tries to carry help to Saint-Pierre.

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