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French Version : Guide des vacances en Martinique.

Welcome on Zananas, the active and festive guide of Martinique.
Martinique Hiking : Cap-Chevalier to Macabou.

Very beautiful hiking along the Atlantic coast. Some deserted beaches, seldom wild as far as the eye can see.

Volcanic eruption of 1902

Volcanic eruption of 1902 Nothing in the past of Mount-Pelé let predict such a dramatic eruption. Few volcanic phenomena observed before, did not convince the inhabitants of the importance of the danger. However, May 8, 1902, the crater explodes. In a few seconds, a volcanic cloud shaves any trace of life on 60km2. 30000 people perish.

Heritage : The Plantations.

"L'habitation" indicates in the Antilles a coffee or sugar cane plantation. Vestige of the past, it testifies one time when slave Martinique contributed largely to finances of the kingdom of France.

Discover Martinique
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Fort de France Markets
To discover Fort de France, it is also to plunge itself in the environment of its markets. Joined together in downtown, each one has its speciality: Spices, Fruits & Vegetables, Fishes.

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