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French Version : Guide des vacances en Martinique.

 Martinique : Fort de France
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Fort de France surprises the visitor by its effervescence. As of the survey of the sun, the markets become animated, of the odors of spices and of fruits fill up the centre town. The dressmakers hang dresses of Madras to the shutters of their gravers, taxi-Co pour floods of inhabitants from all the island...

Fort-de-France : Cathédrale Saint-Louis. Of its past of colonial city, Fort de France preserved a series of monuments worthy of interest. Guided tour of the monuments and museums which mark out the city...


Fort-de-France : Marchés. To discover Fort de France, it is also to plunge itself in the environment of its markets. Joined together in downtown, each one has its speciality: Spices, Fruits & Vegetables, Fishes.


Fort-de-France :  Histoire. History of the city since its creation in 1638 around Fort Saint-Louis, until today.

Stroll in the formerly Fort of France.
  Fort-de-France :  Antanlontan.Discover Fort de France at the beginning of the XX century, through a series of old postcards.  

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